Mum's Day

Monday, May 15, 2017

Mom is pretty excited to have made it on the blog now. Hi Mom! My mom has always been a huge influence on my life. From when I was just a baby and wasn't totally aware of what was going on, through college. 

Maybe you couldn't tell from my blog and such, but I'm pretty into fashion and style. And can you guess where I got that from?? Hearing stories and seeing her collections from fashion design school in college, I've always been fascinated with clothing. My mom dressed me up like her little barbie doll and I'd eat up every second of being a mini fashionista!

My mom has always pushed me to do my best and prove to me that there's always room for improvement. So this post is a little dedication to my mom and all that she's done for me and my family! 

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  1. What a sweet post, love the off-the-shoulder matching looks!


    North + South + Navy


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