Talking Trips to Puerto Rico

Monday, April 10, 2017

I'm talking trips to Puerto Rico
Say the word and we go

I made a playlist for our spring break trip, and you know that I put That's What I Like by Bruno Mars on it because of that one line.

Editing these photos I'm already missing Puerto Rico so much. Even though it's getting nicer here, nothing compares to the PR sun! And I can already tell that my tan/burn is starting to go away. Which is both good and bad. Good because my funky tan lines are fading, bad because my skin overall is returning to it's natural paler shade): But no fear because I'll be taking advantage of the sun as soon as it comes back out!

l really wasn't able to get many outfit pictures while I was on break. Mainly because the only times I needed to dress up (or not in a swim suit) was for dinner when it was too dark for photos, or it was just too hectic to stop and take pictures. I understand why some people think it's hard to travel with me. "Enjoy the moment", but I also want to remember these moments, and pictures typically are the best way to do that!
It feels almost like summer there, so I brought (and bought) a ton of clothes. It's such a bad habit of mine but I'm terrible with overpacking. Naturally I brought 8 tops, and 3 dresses. And I wore less than half of it... Oh well! Already thinking about my next island trip..(:

Top: Forever 21 | Shorts: Levi's (vintage) | Sandals: similar here


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