Puerto Rico Roundup

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Take me somewhere tropical.... Maybe it's been a week, but I am still adjusting from spring break mode. It's been quite a rough transition from island life to Indiana (it's just as unglamorous as it sounds). And I'll find myself going through my camera roll looking at colorfully warm pictures endlessly. 

My roommate Mia and I went to Puerto Rico with her family over spring break, and we were mainly in the San Juan/Farjardo area. I've included some of my favorite moments here, and maybe you've even caught a few of these on Instagram. I'm having some serious post-spring-break depression writing this):

Mia and I somewhat twinning on the cute cobblestone streets of Old San Juan, which was my first taste of Puerto Rico after the airport. Everything is so photogenic and pastel here!
I've been inspired to live in a pastel home at some point in my life, preferably pink :)
I cannot begin to describe my burn. There must've been something about the sun there that was just so strong we were practically frying out there and didn't realize it. 
I will never not take plants on pink photos. I cannot be stopped, I have maybe 30 variations of this style of picture. This is also my phone background.
At first glance, you may not think I'm an ATV driver, but by the end of the trip was a total pro. The view was incredible from the mountain top, and Mia survived the trip as my passenger.
I don't think I've ever had a drink so tasty, this one was definitely up my alley both pop x fruity.
Our fantastic beach front balcony! Perfect for sitting out on mornings and eating pizza from the hotel.

I'll be back again, PR!


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  2. Such lovely photos. Looks like a great trip ��



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