Chichen Itza

Monday, August 15, 2016

I'm so excited for today!! We just arrived back home Friday form Cancun. I was only home for 24 hours and now I'm back at school! So as soon as I unpacked, I had to repack! This is day three from our trip, we went into this vacation with not much of a plan. But once we arrived at the airport we started booking tourist trips; the first we did was a Chichen Itza tour, and it was one of the most beautiful trips I'd ever been on!

We started the day off early since it's a two hour bus drive. Our first stop was a little Mayan town with a gift shop with tons colorful tapestries and figurines. Then we walked down a path to the cave. I kid you not when I say this  was the most spectacular sight I have ever seen. My jaw seriously dropped and I could NOT stop exclaiming about how cool it was!! We got to swim in the fresh clean water, there were even fish in it! It was super refreshing in the heat. The cave was definitely on the top of the list for favorite things we did on the trip.

After that, we hoped back on the bus for a short ride to lunch where there was a buffet. The rice and beans in Mexico are delicious! Then we got back on the bus to head to the real spectacle, Chichen Itza. One thing about Chichen Itza, it was hot. So hot, I was dripping just baking under the sun. The ruins were beautiful and we got a little tour, there was so much thought going into this, it's amazing to hear the story of how the numbers of stairs, and the symbols all came to be. 

Our last exploration of the day was another more touristy old mayan place, called Mundo Maya. The buildings were such fun colors (where I found the pink wall). We got crepes for dinner (practically a dessert!) and then headed home. Sorry for all the ramble, but this was honestly one of my favorite days of our trip!!
The little Mayan shop was full of colorful items!
There were cacti randomly growing around the area! I wanted to keep them
This sight was unreal, There's a skylight from a hole on top letting the light stream in
Being touristy in front of the beautiful wonder of the world
Top: Bobbles and Lace | Shorts: Levis | Sandals: Steve Madden | Backpack: Urban Outfitters | Sunglasses: Quay Australia 



  1. Love that off the shoulder top! I am headed back to school soon too, seems as thought the summer flew by.


  2. So pretty!

  3. Love your top! This outfit is super cute

  4. Your pictures came out so nicely, it's awesome you had such a great time! We love that black off the shoulder top, it looks perfect for a hot day!

    ISA Professional


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