Bubble Tea Ventures

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Crazy looking back on these photos from just a month ago, and I'm already getting ready to go back to school! I diagnosed myself with PNYD, or Post New York Depression. I might have just made that up on the spot, but it should really be a real thing! On one of the last days in the office, the other interns and I decided we needed some bubble tea. A pretty random craving, but somehow it came up in our conversation. And that's when I saw the beauty of New York, if you want something as random as bubble tea, it's just a 15 minute walk from the office to chinatown- where there is plenty of bubble tea!!

We all decided to wear Yumi Kim outfits that day too. I still remember every print and style, so I will link what everyone wore below! On the way to bubble tea, you'll sea we made a few more stops in Little Italy. My friends wanted to grab a little lunch, so we stopped by this place called Genuine Superette, it wasn't part of our plan but it looked nice so we decided to give it a shot. Daniella ordered the tuna burger, and she said it was AH-mazing! The place has some really cool vibes, so if you're in the area, definitely try it out!

I almost left out the most important part-the bubble tea! We went to Kung-Fu tea, which is in China town. It was a small shop, but crowded at the time and quick service. I thought it was good and decently priced. On the way back to the office, we saw another bubble tea place, Chatime. Danielle had heard of it before and wanted to go for round two of bubble tea (just to compare). She actually liked Chatime better, and it was a hair cheaper! Honestly, I couldn't tell much of a difference and since they are literally 100 feet within each other, either one is a great choice!

 My Dress: Yumi Kim (romper version here, wrap dress version here
Danielle is wearing the Sienna Romper (on sale!) 
Anabel is wearing the Jayne Dress (also part of the summer sale!)



  1. Bubble Tea is my favorite thing in the entire world! I think I could live off of just that for the rest of my life, haha. Great photos!

  2. Love your dress! Such a cute pattern!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  3. Lovely photos and you are so beautiful! ♥ food looks really tasty! Dijoun&Klaudi

  4. What a gorgeous print! Lovely photos, looks like you had a great time!



  5. That burger looks amazing! I am not such a big fan of bubble tea though :/

    Agnes x


  6. Bubble tea is delicious and your dress is so cute!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  7. Oh wanna have PNYD just to be able to say that I visited the city. You look stunning. Have a great new school start =)

  8. This looks yummy!
    Thanks for sharing!



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