NYC Food Montage

Friday, July 24, 2015

I have been getting so many comments on my instagram while I was in New York about the food I was eating! So I thought it was only appropriate to dedicate a whole entire post just for food. Like nearly every other blogger/human on the planet, I am on the constant hunt for a cute place to sit down and grab a bite. I'll try to keep it short, but I wanted to also include my recommendations! Prepare yourself for a lot of pictures, and they may cause your mouth to water, sorry(:

Culture Espresso 
 72 W 38th Street
Coffee shops are one of my favorite places to look for. I've been to Culture Espresso before and remembered the great lighting in there (I'm a sucker for marble top counters!) so when I was in the garment district on my last day. I stopped by to get an ice latte. It's pretty small, and usually very busy during the typical rush hour.

Momofuku Milkbar
72 Wooster St
I had heard about Momofuku long before going to New York famous for their cereal crunch. I decided to try the fudge instead. I loved the chocolate part, but didn't' find that the soft serve itself was anything special. My next visit I will definitely try the cereal!

Soho Grand Hotel
310 W Broadway St
My mom visited me often while in the city, one morning before work we headed to the Soho Grand Hotel to get some brunch and to take some photos. I ordered an omlette and it was absolutely delicious! The interior design of the lounge was very nice as well, it was all teal and brown with sofas great if you have business to do or just want to your take time eating in the morning.

The Butcher's Daughter
19 Kenmare St
Here's my matching outfit for this coffee(: I got an iced latte, while Sharon got the smoothie. I thought the Two Hands coffee was a lot better. And the smoothie was $9!! It wasn't really that special though. I wish we had more time so we could've gotten food, but I think I'll give it a second try when I have more time since there is a lot of outdoor seating!

Smorgasburg-Home Frit
50 Kent Ave
I don't think I put nearly enough emphasis on these french fries in my Smorgasburg post. These fries were REVOLUTIONARY. They have completely changed my life and I don't think I can think about fries the same after these ones. I am not kidding if you are in NYC, try Home Frit fries. 

Smorgasburg- Excel Eatery
50 Kent Ave
Also from my Smorgasburg post, Vivian and I shared the fresh coconut water. This was more about the experience and for photos (seriously why else do you eat food?). I've tried vitacoco, which I could never get into because I'm not a fan of the taste. But this is very different, it's a lot lighter and mostly tastes like water which was perfect for the heat.

Holy Cream
796 9th Ave
This place was about three blocks from me. When Vivian was visiting, we decided to walk to Radio City for the Tony Awards and then when we got a late night craving, walked over to Holy Cream. It's not a donut place, it's not an ice cream. It's a donut ice cream place. I suggest if you go, get the donut sandwich. You can pick the frosting (chocolate), ice cream (moose tracks), and toppings (hot pink sprinkles, duh). The donut wasn't as good as I was hoping, but it was still really good!

Two Hands
164 Mott St
I had heard about Two Hands long before going to NYC. Mainly because of the clouds and everything in the restaurant. Two Hands is also a great place to sit down and get coffee/breakfast/brunch! I am definitely planning on going back and trying their Acai bowl.

535 Laguardia Pl
On my last day of work the whole office went out to celebrate one of the girls' birthday. I've seen a few Bareburgers scattered around the city, and there was even one near my place. They specialize in organic and natural burgers. I got the Socal burger with beef instead of turkey. I thought the bread was a bit hard, and the burger wasn't as juicy as I typically like. We also ordered potato fries, which were really good even plain!

Bleeker Kitchen
643 Broadway St
This was seriously 100 feet from my work. On my lunch break, I met up with Vivian here. I got the Cobb salad. I've never had my bowl and my food be the same thing before! The presentation was really cool, but it was also really expensive for just a simple salad. 

Big Gay Ice Cream
125 E 7th Street
One of my favorite eats from the whole trip! I am drooling just looking at these pictures. I got the American Glob which is vanilla soft serve, pretzels, sea salt, and covered in chocolate. Seriously so amazing I could have probably eaten two in one sitting.

Joe's Coffee
9 E 13th Street
Another coffee shop, although the lighting isn't the best, it still had a nice interior. There was more seating than the typical NYC coffee shop. If you're looking for a place to sit down and work check this place out!

Kung Fu Tea
One Chase Manhattan Plaza
We were all craving bubble tea at the office one day, so walked over to chinatown! A girl in the office recommended this place to us, I thought the plain milk tea was really good and even unsweetened was still great!

85 Orchard St
I have a picture with this amazing burger here. Yes it was that good. The wait for brunch on Sunday was an hour even though it was already 12:30 when we got there. But it was worth it! It's a great place in the summer since it has open windows and outdoor seating (yay!). 

Of course I wasn't able to fit all the food in one post, so make sure to follow me on instagram @emmahonohan so that you can check out all the other places I've been to and food that I ate!



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