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Thursday, July 11, 2013

As I mentioned earlier in my Fourth of July post, I spent a few days in Maine and wanted to share some of the pictures I took with you.

We had a beach day where I luckily got a bit of a tan and happy to get really great weather the whole week. The food pictures are from a restaurant that we went to in the afternoon for tea time. I ordered a popover filled with ice cream and split with my family along with an ice coffee and fudge with ice cream. There was a lot of pretty sceneries which I took some pictures of but wish I took more.

On the drive home, we stopped by a go karting place and I drove a go kart for the first time! I was a little nervous about it at first because I thought I'd crash but it ended up being a lot of fun and easy to drive. I had a lot of fun on my mini vacation since I start working next week, it's the last time I can go on vacation for a while.
What have you guys been up to this summer so far?


  1. how fun! maine is on my list of places to revisit someday. summer just seems to be flying by already!

  2. That looks like you had a lot of fun. And that photo of the sunset is perfect. Never mind how I hungry your food's making me. :)

  3. Oh my goodness, that ice cream looks delicious!! Sounds like you had a lot of fun in maine.


    Peonies and American Honey

  4. Cool photos!!

    Instagram: Cmichellestyles

  5. Great photos!!! I love go carting. Have a great weekend!

    I also want to let you know I have a giveaway on my blog.
    Please feel free to enter.

    Cheers, Jacquie

  6. omg yum! >> free gift :)

  7. You look like you had a blast! That fudge ice cream looks amazing. I hope to fit a short vacay within my busy work schedule...even if it's just an extended weekend. I'm in dire need of some R&R.

    Wardrobe on Wheels

  8. I love all of the photos! It looks like you had so much fun!! :)

  9. looks like so much fun, the ice cream looks yum!


  10. I loooove this post...looks like you're having the time of your life :-)

    xx, V

  11. Beautiful pictures! It looks like you had a lot of fun and yum that looks very delicious!


  12. looks like a very fun day!

    hope to see you on my blog!
    Love, Angelica

  13. gorgeous photos, you're such a natural beauty. I love your blog as you've such refined taste. I hope you can check out my blog, I'm also your newest follower xx

  14. I really loved your week, this fudge with ice cream is awesome! And this beautiful sceneries ... no words to say! Beautiful daisies, beautiful pics!

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