Thursday, April 16, 2015

Travel Diaries: West Palm Beach

These photos are long overdue, I've been holding back because I wanted to organize all my vacation photos first (trust me there will be a lot). Over spring break I went to West Palm Beach in Florida with my mom and best friend, Vivian to do a shoot for Tangoella.  When I wasn't in front of the camera, I had fun taking my own pictures. West Palm Beach is a beautiful place, everything was so green and full of flowers! 
Everywhere in sight was covered in green or bright colors! It was so different from the dead trees and pines back at home. In the shopping area, there was a cute little garden in the back, there are so many hidden spots to find in Palm Beach!
A shot of me editing photos for my instagram (: I uploaded a ton of my vacation photos there so if you want to check it out you can follow me @emmahonohan
Stumbled upon these people painting a mural in the parking lot near a beach in Fort Lauderdale. It was to support for the turtles. 
On our last day, we were driving back to the hotel from the beach when we saw this light coming down from the sky. I always think it's God's work when the light is beaming through the few clouds and I had to pull over to get a picture of this magnificent view! 
A photo from West Palm Beach found on the home page for Tangoella. One of my favorite dresses because of the high-low.

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Monday, April 13, 2015


H&M sweater, Forever 21 shorts, Urban Outfitters backpack, BP Nordstrom booties, Forever 21 necklace,  Michael Kors "Runway" watch, Thrifted sunglasses (similar here)

I almost forgot what it was like with bare legs! I've been wanting to try a shorts and sweater look for a while but I was waiting for the perfect weather (which is high 50's low 60's if you were wondering). The oversized sweater is so comfy, and the shorts are practically pajamas. I totally suggest getting flowy shorts for the spring and summer because they are the most comfortable bottoms you could possibly wear!
The midwest has been treating us so nicely these past few weeks, that my friends and I wanted to get a nice brunch on Saturday. We found this adorable coffee house with great paninis. Afterward we started taking photos. It's the time of year where flowers start blooming, they have started to pop up all over campus and I can't help but snap some pictures of them!
I have some exciting spring break photos coming over the course of these next few weeks, I just wanted to finalize editing them and everything before I posted them, so be sure to check back on what I wore/did over my spring break!

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My Picks: Spring 2015

spring 2015 trends

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Here area few of my favorite picks for this spring! I'm swamped with work at the moment with two exams in my hardest classes this week, so I haven't had much time for blogging, but you can follow me on instagram @emmahonohan to follow me around! As you can tell, I love pastels for spring! If you want to see more, check out the rest of the page here. I love mixing whites with other light shaded colors for spring. Do you have any favorites for spring?

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